Summer Slide and How to Prevent It

IMG_6252My Skills9 class goes on one field trip during the course – to the library. Summer is upon us and it is very tempting for many students to ignore reading.  So Ilana, our librarian, discussed the summer slide and its consequences.  She then went on to present the students with a creative, hands on activity.

We divided the students into groups, and gave each one a quotation about the significance of reading during the summer break.  


Each group had 5 minutes to create a Public Service Announcement on summer reading and had to embed their quote into the script.


The results were persuasive and humorous.

In preparation for this activity, I had asked the students which genres interested them.  As a culminating activity  the students dipped in to a wide range of books which Ilana had arranged on tables according to their preferences.


A few even checked out their favorites.