Summertime Reading

I wrote 4 summer reading lists.

  1.  PD Reads


Texts and Lessons f0r Content-Area Writing by N.Steineke and H.Daniels

Visible Learning for Literacy by D.Fisher, N.Frey and J.Hattie

as well as:

140 Twitter Tips for Educators  which is on my kindle.

I have downloaded The teacher’s Guide to Tech by Jennifer Gonzalez and an e Book Jump In.  Great teaching begins in the Pool by Ruth Ayres

2.  YA Reads

I know that I must do more than just read reviews about trending YA books.  In order to guide my ELLs to books they’ll enjoy;  I will read the books first in order to create intriguing book talks.  So here are my summer YA reads.


3. Personal  Reads

I cleared my book shelves recently and am still left with 2 shelves (plus a list of crime/thriller, comfort reading books on my Kindle) that I want to curl up with in my armchair.  What a choice!


Harry Potter is there because I’d like to reread the magic.


4.  My read aloud list for my granddaughter

The greatest pleasure. Emily’s book shelves are filling up very quickly.












Learning Targets

For years I have been writing the learning target of the lesson as an essential question.  I add the strategies/skills and activities that will help answer the focus question. This became the students’ study guide, and I refer to the ‘map’ throughout the lesson.


One evening, as I was designing a lesson, I again looked through Morrison McGill’s 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers for a refreshing idea and came across #55 ‘Spit it Out! (What? Why? How?)’.


Ah ha!  Three obvious questions so easily forgotten;  questions we should always be asking our students.   However, I now target the learning by asking What? Why? How?  The questions clarify my lesson design, and I hope my ELLs  make better sense of the lesson.