It’s Final. I’m Retiring.

It’s hard to own this word.  Retiring.

How about R and R – Reinventing and Retiring?

So for now, I’ll own the word and the reality of  it all.

My friends and colleagues insisted on making me a party so I decided to have it at our local beer and pizza pub/restaurant where we spend many a joyous TGIFs.

I was overwhelmed with the words that were spoken in my honor.  I was speechless – an unusual state for a teacher.  However, I did manage to thank my friends from the bottom of my heart.


Nili, our resident poet laureate, read her rhyming, humorous  truths about me – mainly the fact that being a red head is not a color but a character.

Developing a Toolkit for Retirement

Retirement.  How I loathe that word.  It is so passé.  It is not even fashionably retro.

Anyway, my PD this year has 2 paths: my professional development as a teacher and my personal navigation towards becoming a productive, creative retiree.

I am beginning this new journey with Tim Ferriss’ latest book: Tools of Titans.


Having read the first couple of pages, I already identify with something Arnold Schwarzenegger writes towards the end of his foreword:

“I’ve always treated the world as my classroom, soaking up lessons and stories to fuel my path forward.  I hope you do the same”.

As teachers we are always encouraging our students to be life long learners.

As teachers we know we have to model our mantras as much as possible.

I think this quotation is a perfect bridge between my two paths.  The answers will come from many sources as I continue to fill one toolbox and begin a new one.

I thank the many contributors I will be consulting  and writing about in advance.