Podcasts #1 – PD Wherever, Whenever

It all began with the New York Times Book Review Podcast.  I always enjoy the key book talk which is an interview with an author or reviewer.  I am reminded of Kelly Gallagher’s rationale for his Article of the Week ; I learn so much and expand my background knowledge.   Invariably there is a section on YA literature which helps me expand my classroom library.  And of course, ‘bestseller news’  adds to my comfort reading list of thriller and crime fiction.

Having got hooked on the podcast, I am slowly developing my playlist which is mostly PD.

At last I am putting voices to some of my favorite PD teacher leaders.



I have added:

Penny Kittle’s Stories from the Teaching Life

The Book Love Foundation Podcast

ASCD’s Learn Teach Lead

Vicki Davis’ Every Classroom Matters

Larry Ferlazzo’s Bam! Radio Classroom Q and A

I have listened to Dave Stuart Jr. interview  Kelly Gallagher and Dave’s next interview is with Larry Ferlazzo.

What strikes me as I listen to the talks is the energy and empathy of these teachers.

However, to paraphrase Kelly Gallagher, when I listen to podcast in my car it is ‘1st draft’ listening.  I have not discovered how to  drive, listen and take notes at the same time.  I have a feeling I had better not.  So very often I take vintage style notes during the ‘2nd draft’ listening. Then I can concentrate on the word with pen and notebook in hand.


How do you remember the big ideas of your podcasts?



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