Final Draft Mind Maps Mini I-Search#2

The students created their final draft mind maps by spreading papers and markers across tables or  on the floor. I was impressed by the wide range of topics:

One student had read an article in her native language ,Korean, about the impact of viral marketing on the restaurant business.


Another, always in dire need of sleep, chose an obvious topic of personal interest:


Another ELL student, a fan of movies, decided to compare two blockbuster series:


And yet another of my students is haunted by the refugee crisis:


I handed out sticky notes for them to  peer review at least 3 maps; reminding them of warm, fuzzy feedback and constructive cool feedback.  The room fell silent as the students walked around, concentrating on the concepts, questions and preliminary sources expressed on the maps.  I was impressed by the caring and insight of the feedback post its.


Once again I followed the directions and printed the feedback handouts in The Unquiet Librarian’s post.





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