Nothing like friend/colleagues

Kara sent a link to a fascinating podcast on the power of expectations on human ( and rat) behavior.      She then  suggested we get together for an unconference.

It is worth listening to the powerful story of how a man with no eyeballs can see.

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This morning we sat around my new round table and discussed the implications of expectations, risk taking and independence in the classroom.


Carol Dweck’s opening remarks in the podcast (especially the first sentence), really got me thinking:

“You may be standing farther away from someone you have lower expectations for. You may not be making as much eye contact. And it’s not something you can put your finger on. We are not usually aware of how we are conveying our expectations to other people. But it’s there.”

After some soul searching, we admitted that we need to change our behavior towards certain students.

Do you spread your TLC equally among your students?

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